Self service ticket machine

The self service ticket machine is not working or there's been a problem collecting my tickets, how can I retrieve my tickets?

If you find that the Self Service Ticket Machine is faulty, please make the fault known to a member of station or ticket office staff, who will endeavour to help you. Please be aware that you may not travel without a valid ticket.You are NOT permitted to travel using your reference number or email confirmation.

If there are no staff at the station please call customer service on 0345 744 4422 (option 6) 
Customer service is open Monday to Friday 08:00 - 20:00 
Saturday and Sunday (and Bank Holidays) 09:00 - 16:00

You may be charged a Penalty fare if you choose to travel without a valid ticket.

How do I know I have collected all my tickets from the self service ticket machine?

If you are collecting your tickets from a Self Service Ticket Machine, please be aware that your tickets will cover several coupons and will not be valid unless all are carried during the journey. In the top left hand corner of your receipt you will see a total number of coupons you should have collected. If these are not available from the Self Service ticket machine, before commencing your journey, please make this known to a member of station or ticket office staff, who will endeavour to help you.

How can I collect my tickets if the card I used for booking online has been lost, stolen or damaged?

If the card you purchased your tickets with has been lost, stolen or damaged please take your email confirmation, reference number and a form of ID to a manned station ticket office. The ticket office staff will issue your ticket manually.

How quickly after making a booking can I collect my tickets from a self service ticket machine?

Tickets will be ready for collection at a Self Service Ticket Machine after 2 hours from the time printed on your email confirmation.

Can I collect my tickets from any self service ticket machine?

You can collect your ticket from any Self Service Ticket Machine on the c2c route. Please carry the debit/credit card that was used to purchase the ticket along with the Ticket Collection Reference.

Where can I find my ticket collection reference?

When you buy Self Service Tickets online you will be given a Ticket Collection Reference which you'll need when collecting your tickets. This reference is displayed:

  • in the booking confirmation email we send you.
  • by logging into and clicking on Your Account.

Note: The same credit card or debit card used to make the booking is required when collecting the ticket at the station.

Which of your stations have self service ticket machines?

All c2c stations have Self Service Ticket Machines.

My booking reference number is not being recognised at the machine, what do I do?

Please check you have the correct reference number and the same card you used to make your booking.

If you have time, call our web support team on 03457 44 44 22 option 5.

If you are short of time or need to catch a train, we advise you to purchase a new ticket and apply for a refund explaining the situation. You may be required to send in the second set of tickets as proof.

Please note: you must have the same credit or debit card used to make your booking when collecting tickets.

How do I collect my tickets from a self service ticket machine?

To collect your tickets from a Self Service Ticket Machine you will need:

  • The credit card or debit card you used when making the booking.
  • The 8 character alpha-numerical reference given when the booking was processed. You can find this on your email confirmation.

When at the self service ticket machine

  1. Insert the debit/credit card used to purchase the tickets.
  2. Key in the reference (please note that in some cases you may not be required to enter your reference).
  3. Once your details have been checked your tickets will be dispensed.
  4. Do not remove tickets from the machine until all tickets have been issued and the main screen informs you that the transaction is complete.