How do I change my ticket and will I be charged more?

Changing the time or date of travel depends on the ticket type you purchased. Take a look below for details on your the specific ticket:

  • Advance – changes can be made to time and date.
  • Anytime – changes can be made to the date. The time of the ticket is flexible, no change is therefore required.
  • Off-Peak / Super Off-Peak – Changes can be made to the date. The time of the ticket is flexible (but restricted to Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak times) so no change is required.

Advance and Super Off-Peak tickets are not available on c2c services

‘Changes of Journey’ cannot be made online. If you have purchased your ticket online and wish to make a change to your journey. Please call our customer relations team on 03457 44 44 22, selecting option six. They’re available seven days a week, between 08.00am and 10.00pm.

Changes to tickets require the refunding of your original ticket and the rebooking of a new ticket. Refunding of your original ticket can take up to 15 days.

We charge a £5 administration fee for making this change, in addition to any difference in the cost of the new ticket.