Buying single or return tickets to/from London Underground destinations

If you’re travelling to a London Underground station that does not share a connection with a UK rail station then you will need to select the zone your station is in when buying tickets.

You can buy these paper tickets from our app, from our website, and from ticket vending machines at our stations.

Popular London Underground zone codes for c2c customers

  • For travel to Zone 1 search for Zone U1234. For example, if you’re going to Westminster or Southwark.
  • For travel to Zone 2 search for Zone U2356. For example if you’re going to Canary Wharf or Canada Water.
  • For travel to Zone 3 search for Zone U3456.  For example if you’re going to London City Airport or Custom House for ExCel.
  • For travel to Zone 4 search for Zone U456. For example if you’re going to Gospel Oak or Wanstead Park via Barking and not going through Zone 3, eg West Ham or Stratford.

How to buy a ticket to a London Underground station when travelling from outside London zones 1 – 6

  1. First, check which zone the station you require is in. You can check the zones for TfL stations here.
  2. In the buy tickets panel, type in “Zone” and a drop down list will appear for you to select the option which covers all the zones you need to travel through
  3. Select an option with a U before the zone you require. For example “Zone U1256” is a single/return through train and tube ticket to zones 1-6

Would you prefer a Travelcard?

If you’re buying an Anytime or Off-Peak rail ticket to London, it may be cheaper to buy a Peak or Off-Peak Travelcard for travel within London. This will allow you to travel on the Tube, DLR, Tramlink and buses, as well as local trains. A London Zone 1 – 6 Travelcard has the added benefit of being available on a Smartcard.

Find out how to add a Travelcard to your train ticket here.

Travelling solely inside the London Zone area? Use Contactless/Oyster instead

We recommend that you travel with contactless or Oyster if you are travelling solely within zones 1 – 6 and extended Oyster PAYG area.