Our Accessible Travel Policy is our promise to you to provide an inclusive service. It is your guide to the service that you can expect when you travel with c2c, our commitments to improve and how we will make amends when things go wrong.

Download our Accessible Travel Policy (PDF)

Alternatively, you can pick up a printed copy from your local c2c station, or if you’d like us to send you one simply ring our Customer Relations team on 03457 444 422 (option 6).

Our commitments to you

Our Accessible Travel Policy sets out our approach and policies to providing assistance for customers with visible and non-visible disabilities. This includes:

We will help with booking and providing assistance

We understand how important it is that your journey goes smoothly, whether you are a wheelchair user, have a service animal or just require some extra time. We are part of the Passenger Assist system which allows you to book assistance for your entire journey or you can simply turn up at one of our stations that is accessible to you and request assistance from one of our members of staff.

We will provide consistent and clear information

We will ensure that accessibility information relating to our stations and trains are readily available to you and kept up to date. All of our stations have information screens and public announcements providing accurate and clear information for everyone. Our trains are also equipped with public address systems and a customer information system. We recognise that good announcements are essential to you.

We will make sure our website is accessible to all

We recognise the importance of making our web services available to the largest possible audience and have attempted to design and develop this website to be accessible by all users. We are continuously working to improve the accessibility of the website and are committed to working towards WCAG standards (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

We will work with the local community

We understand the importance of involving disabled people in decision making in all aspects of what we do. We have introduced the Regional c2c and Greater Anglia Accessibility Panel who are consulting on a number of policy decisions and features that we may wish to provide. We also have the c2c Passenger Panel who represent different stations and discuss a number of topics such as accessibility.

We will continue to improve

We are committed to maintaining and improving current standards of accessibility to our services for all our passengers.