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Season tickets

Season Ticket Calculator

If you make the same journey regularly, you could save both money and time by buying a season ticket, compared with buying daily tickets. We have Weekly, Monthly and Annual Season tickets available, as well as custom-length and Flexi-Season options.

Season tickets can be bought online or at any of our ticket offices. No credit card or booking fees apply if you buy online with us.

Buy or renew your season ticket

Put your season on a c2c Smartcard for all the travel benefits

If you load your new season ticket or transfer an existing paper season ticket onto a c2c Smartcard you’ll benefit from lots of additional travel perks, such as Automatic Delay Repay, as well as saving time on renewing at the station. Annual Season ticket holders who buy online will also receive four free off-peak return tickets which can be shared with friends and family. 

c2c Smartcard

Annual Season ticket

You can get up to 12 weeks of free travel a year by choosing an Annual Season ticket, compared with buying an adult Weekly Season ticket for a year - that’s a saving of over 23%. Even once you’ve factored in holiday it can still save you money - this Season Ticket Calculator shows you the savings you can make with an Annual Season Ticket.

Season ticket calculator

If you buy your Annual Season on a c2c Smartcard, you’ll receive four free off-peak return tickets for you to share with friends and family. Smartcard or paper ticket, you will also qualify for an Annual Gold Card.

Annual Gold Card benefits

For all Annual Gold Card terms and conditions please visit the National Rail website.

Annual season tickets can be bought online or at a ticket office when you download and bring this form to a station along with your photocard.

FREE Off-Peak tickets when you buy online

You’re entitled to the additional benefit of four FREE Off-Peak tickets when you buy your Annual Season Ticket online. Share them with friends or family, or use them yourself for days out - the choice is yours. See terms and conditions for free tickets here.

Monthly & Custom Length Season ticket

You can save money on your weekly tickets if you buy a Monthly Season ticket. You can also buy season tickets for any period between a month and a year, for example if you wanted to cover school term dates or fixed term work contracts.

Monthly and Custom Length Season tickets can be bought online or at a ticket office when you download and bring this form to a station along with your photocard.

Weekly Season ticket

Weekly Season tickets cost less than buying five daily peak return tickets. You can start your Weekly Season ticket on any day of the week and it will allow you to travel for seven consecutive days.

Weekly Season tickets can be bought online, at a ticket vending machine or at a ticket office.


Our Flexi-Season tickets are perfect if you’re a part time commuter or someone who likes more flexibility. Available exclusively on our c2c Smartcard, you can buy a bundle of 10 day tickets for unlimited day travel between your chosen two stations, and you’ll have 26 weeks, or around 6 months, to use all the tickets. Even better, you’ll get 10% back in e-vouchers to your Smartcard account if you make your journeys during the off-peak.

Flexi-Season tickets can be only be bought online onto a Smartcard.


Season tickets with Travelcards

If you’re travelling within London as part of your journey, you can buy a Season Ticket that includes a London Travelcard. Just set either your origin or destination station to ‘London Travelcard Zones 1-6’ when searching for tickets to ensure the Travelcard is included. You will only need to use one ticket which will cover the whole of your journey and if you load it onto a c2c Smartcard, you’ll be able to tap in and out as you would do with an Oyster card, even if you’re not on the c2c line.

Which ticket is right for me?

You may be wondering how much money you can save by buying a Season ticket and which ticket would be your best option. If you’re struggling to decide between a Weekly, Monthly or Annual Season ticket, take a look at this Season Ticket Calculator to see exactly how much money you could be saving.

If you buy your Season ticket online and load it onto a Smartcard, you’ll also save time as you won’t have to queue at a station to buy your ticket. You can simply tap your card on the ticket barriers and your ticket will be automatically added to your Smartcard as you start your journey.

We also understand that circumstances can change and whilst an Annual Season ticket may save you the most money and time, committing to a yearly ticket may be difficult. This is why we offer the option to amend the origin/destination of your Annual Season ticket and also provide a refund option in those cases where you no longer need to use it.

Buying your first season ticket

To travel with a paper season ticket, you will also need to carry a photocard with you. Ticket offices can issue you with a photocard free of charge, you’ll just need to take the following along to your nearest c2c station:

They’ll create your photocard and get you up and running. If you’re using a Smartcard to travel, you won’t need a photocard on c2c services, but may be asked to present one if travelling on another operator as part of your journey.

Business cheques

We do not accept personal cheques as a method of payment but will accept business cheques made payable to "Trenitalia c2c Limited" (excluding those where the signatory is “Trading As”, “T/As” or any other derivatives) subject to conditions found here.

We recommend that employers' Annual Season Ticket loan schemes are set up so that reimbursements are made in 10 equal monthly payments with two 'free' months at the end of the year, rather than in 12 equal monthly payments. This allows for a simpler process, should a refund be requested at any point. More details can be found on our FAQ page.

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*Terms apply. For further details please visit season tickets terms and conditions.