What do I do if I have lost my Season ticket – or if it’s faulty or has been stolen?

If your Season ticket is lost, damaged or illegible – or if it no longer operates at ticket barriers – you can get it replaced, free of charge. Please be aware that this is subject to change.

If you lose your Season ticket, or if it is stolen, report this immediately to the ticket office where you bought it. You should also report any theft to the police. If you (or we) cannot recover the lost or stolen ticket, we will then consider an application for a duplicate ticket, if the original was issued for a period of one month or more.

We do not issue duplicates in respect of lost or stolen seven-day (Weekly) Season tickets. We may ask you or others for information and there is an administration charge when we issue a duplicate Season ticket.

We only allow one free duplicate issue in any 12-month period. However, we will allow a second duplicate issue if: the original Season ticket is returned to the train company which sold it – and within one month of you reporting the loss; or the first or second request for a duplicate was because of theft, robbery, fire or other exceptional circumstances. In the latter instance, the facts of which must have been reported to the police, the fire service or another appropriate body.

We will not issue any more than two duplicate Season tickets in any 12-month period, under any circumstances.