Automatic Delay Repay with a c2c Smartcard

On the occasions that trains do get delayed, the last thing you want to do is fill out a compensation form. That’s why we help you get your money back more easily with Automatic Delay Repay and the c2c Smartcard.

Key information

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    Automatically get money back, into your c2c online account, whenever you experience delays of more than 2 minutes.

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    Just tap in and tap out with your c2c Smartcard so that we can see if you were delayed.

  • More information

    • How does Automatic Delay Repay work for Smartcard tickets?
      If you travel using a c2c Smartcard, you can choose to be automatically repaid for delays of two minutes or more. To find out more, visit the Automatic Delay Repay page.
    • How much Automatic Delay Repay compensation will I receive?
      The amount of compensation you receive under the Automatic Delay Repay scheme will depend on the length of delay and the type and cost of ticket you have purchased. This is set out below: Two to 14-minute delay - you’ll receive 3p per full minute delay, starting from two minutes, which means for a two-minute delay you will receive 3p; for a three-minute delay you receive 6p - and so on. This tier is only available through the ADR Scheme and not via manual claims For a 15 to 29-minute delay - you’ll receive 25% of the cost of your single journey, pro-rata to the type of ticket held For a 30 to 59-minute delay - you’ll get 50% of the cost of your single journey, pro-rata to the type of ticket held For a 60 to 119-minute delay - you’ll receive 100% of the cost of your single journey, pro-rata to the type of ticket held For a 120-minute delay (or longer) - you’ll get 100% of the cost of your return journey, pro-rata to the type of ticket held. This only applies to Return tickets, including Season tickets. It does not apply to Single tickets, as you’ll already receive 100% of the ticket cost after a 60-minute delay.
    • Is automatic delay repay available for e-tickets like on Smartcards?
      No, Automatic Delay Repay is only available for customers who have fulfilled their tickets to Smartcard. Delay Repay for e-ticket journeys will need to be claimed manually via our website.
    • When am I eligible for Automatic Delay Repay?
      There are four mandatory requirements to qualify for Automatic Delay Repay. They are: 1. That you’re a c2c Smartcard holder 2. That you’ve loaded a valid ticket onto your Smartcard 3. That you use the c2c Smartcard to tap-in at the origin station, tapping out again at the destination station 4. That you have an online account on the c2c website, which has the c2c Smartcard linked to it. You can also download the c2c Train Travel app, which is optional - and you can use it to view allocated trains, choose alternate trains and view compensation values. Please note: this is the only way in which this information can be viewed and amended. Once you have met all of the mandatory requirements above, we will automatically credit your account with an eVoucher for the amount of compensation assigned to the delay to your journey.  
    • How do I get a refund?
      If you wish to claim a refund from c2c, please use our form to request a refund online. If you are travelling using a Smartcard, you may opt into Automatic Delay Repay.
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