Lost property

Lost Property during the Covid-19 pandemic

During this time we will not be dealing with the return of lost property.  Anything which is lost and found will still be kept, but due to only essential travel and essential operation of our service we will not be dealing with with it at this time.  The Lost Property office is currently closed for customers to collect items.

If you have queries around collecting a lost item, please contact the Customer Relations team on 03457 444 422.

Lost Property

We all hate losing things. So we at c2c endeavour to help you get those items back. We do not charge for returning lost property and we will do what we can to find your lost item.

If you discover that you have lost an item, contact us by filling in the form below, or calling: 03457 444422 (option 4) at c2c Rail. Our dedicated Lost Property team will see if we can find your item and if we can we will be directly in contact with you.

To help us find your lost property please let us know:

  • Where were you travelling from
  • Your destination
  • Date
  • Time
  • Description of the item
  • The location where you believe you left it.

Please give us as much detail as possible; If you have lost a phone we will need to know the make, model, colour, if it’s in a case and any distinguishing features such as marks or scratches.

If you find any items on our trains or stations please do hand these into a member of staff. It could make someone’s day.

Lost Property items

If you think you have lost something onboard or at one of our stations

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  • Add your name and email address. (lost items)

    Choose the type of feedback you would like to leave.

    Provide us with the details so we can help, and hit submit.

    We will aim to get back to within 10 working days.

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