Each of our stations have pink ticket machines and our ticket offices are open for a limited time throughout the day. During busy times there may be queues for the ticket office; use our c2c Train Travel app to buy your tickets to avoid the queues and get other money-saving benefits.

Buying tickets at the ticket office

Ticket office opening times are limited throughout the day. You can find the opening hours displayed at each station, and you can also check the times for your individual station by selecting your station here.
We accept payment by cash, debit or credit card, or alternatively by National Rail Travel Vouchers, when the station ticket office is open.

Buying tickets at the ticket machines

As well as buying and collecting paper tickets at the pink ticket machines, you can also buy tickets onto a c2c Smartcard. This includes daily tickets with railcards, and tickets with Travelcards for London Zones 1 – 6. If you’re travelling with an Oyster card, you can use the ticket machines inside the Oyster PAYG Validity Area to top up. At each station there is a ticket machine that accepts cash, as well as machines that accept bank cards, so you can pay however you prefer.

Pick up a free c2c Smartcard at your station

To avoid queues, pick up a c2c Smartcard at your local station and buy your tickets using the c2c Train Travel app. You can load your tickets straight onto your Smartcard using the app, without needing to queue. Make sure to register your c2c Smartcard for all the benefits. For more information on all the tickets you can get onto a Smartcard, and the benefits, visit our Smartcard page.

We’re here to help

If you’re ever unclear about what best ticket to purchase or need further assistance, have a look at our online help centre – it may just have the answer you’re looking for.