At what age do my children need to be before I have to purchase a Travelcard for them to travel in London?

Children under 11 years of age can travel free during off-peak hours within the London Travelcard area (Monday to Fridays after 09:30 or anytime Saturday, Sunday and during public holidays) – but only if they are accompanying an adult who is making the journey with an Oyster card. If you have a paper ticket, you will need to purchase a child ticket for this journey.

Each Adult Travelcard holder who is using Oyster can take up to four children under 11 for free – and up to four 11 to 15-year-olds for a £1 flat fare All Zones Off-Peak Day Travelcard. No photocards are required by any accompanied children.

If you are travelling using a paper ticket, you will need to purchase a children’s ticket. You may find that our Family Travelcard option offers you the best value.