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    1. How do I load my ticket onto my Smartcard? products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

      Load your ticket easily in the c2c app 

      It’s easy to load your ticket directly onto your Smartcard using the c2c Train Travel app. You’ll then be ready to travel contact-free straight away.

      Find out more here

      Load your ticket at the station 

      If you’ve bought your ticket online and not loaded it onto your Smartcard with the app, you’ll need to allow two hours for your ticket to be ready to activate at the station gates. Hold your Smartcard on the card reader for a few seconds until the light goes green. 

      Alternatively, if you need to travel in less than two hours from buying online you can use one of the ticket vending machines at the station to load your ticket before you tap in at the gates. 

    2. Can I use my Smartcard on the underground? products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

      Yes, if you have a ticket with a London zones Travelcard loaded on your Smartcard, then you can tap in and out at TfL’s Oyster card readers and ticket gates, at Overground stations, and on London buses. Want to know how to add a Travelcard to your ticket when buying tickets? Find out here:  Adding a Travelcard

    3. Switching monthly or longer paper season tickets onto Smart products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

      If you travel with us from outside Oyster/Contactless area then it’s worth switching your monthly (or longer) paper season ticket to a Smartcard. You don’t have to wait to renew.  Follow this easy step-by-step guide:

      Switch from paper to Smart

    4. Managing your Smartcard in the c2c Train Travel app products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

      You can buy tickets directly to your Smartcard in the c2c Train Travel app. Plus you can also view your ticket history, and buy and manage Flexi-Season easily.

      Download c2c Train Travel app

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