Avoid the queue by buying an e-ticket online or through the c2c app and scan to use it across the c2c train network.

Key information

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    E-tickets can be purchased online (and in the c2c Train Travel app) and downloaded to your phone directly

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    Just scan the barcode on the ticket at the ticket gates at both your outbound and inbound stations, or when requested by a ticket inspector

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    You can also request to receive your travel ticket as an e-ticket when purchasing directly from a c2c ticket office

  • How do e-tickets work?

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    Purchase your ticket on our website or through our app.

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    You’ll instantly receive your e-ticket as a PDF straight to your email. It will also be accessible from the c2c app.

    You can add your e-ticket to your Google or Apple wallet for ultimate convenience.

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    Scan your barcode using the scanners that are in place at each of the c2c stations.

  • What tickets are available?

    Single & return daily tickets

    All Anytime and Off-Peak single and day return tickets for adult and child travellers are now available to purchase as e-tickets. Railcard and other discounts can also be applied to e-tickets.

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    Online advance

    Don’t forget you can use Online Advance to save up to 40%!

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    Unavailable as e-tickets

    Season and Flexi Season tickets and London Travelcards are unavailable to buy as an e-ticket. It’s best to purchase them online or through the c2c App and Smartcard. Senior Rover discount is currently unavailable to be added to e-tickets. Additionally, the Kids for £2 offer is unavailable for e-tickets. However, this will become possible in the near future.

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    More information

    • Are e-tickets available on all routes and for all ticket types?
      E-tickets are available for most ticket types, including Anytime, Off-Peak and Advance tickets. Certain tickets, such as Rovers, may not be available.
    • What is an e-ticket?
      An e-ticket, also known as a QR code, is a ticket type which is valid for travel - in addition to paper tickets, contactless pay as you go (where available) and Smartcards on c2c and other train companies in Britain. If selecting the e-ticket option at the checkout, you can choose to download your ticket to the c2c app, Google/Apple Wallet or receive as a PDF by emailSimply present your e-ticket (the QR code) at the readers fitted to the barriers at both ends of your journey, or to a revenue inspector if requested.
    • What happens if I forget to scan in or out of a station with my e-ticket?
      There is no penalty for failing to scan your e-ticket (for example if the barriers at the station are open). If you are unable to produce a valid e-ticket on request of a revenue inspector or train guard, you may be subject to a penalty fare equal to the cost of your journey plus £100 (reduced to £50 if paid within 14 days).
    • Do c2c e-tickets work on London Underground services?
      No, e-tickets are only available on c2c and other National Rail services. The majority of London Underground stations do not have the equipment required to read e-tickets.
    • I have a Railcard, can the discount this provides be used against an e-ticket purchase?
      Yes - you will need to present your Railcard in addition to the e-ticket.
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