What is a boundary fare?

If you already hold a Travelcard for any zonal combination, then you are permitted to use any services within those Zones (subject to time restrictions of the Travelcard). If you are travelling beyond what is permitted by your Travelcard or Pass then you can purchase a “Boundary Zone” ticket to or from the station outside of London.

For example, if you have a 7-Day Zones 1-3 Travelcard and want to travel to Shoeburyness, you can buy a London Boundary Zone 3 – Shoeburyness Day Return from staffed National Rail ticket offices and some self-service ticket machines. The train you are on does not need to call at a station within Zone 3 to be valid. Boundary tickets can be sold in the opposite direction as well (Shoeburyness – London Boundary Zone 3).

You can purchase Boundary fares from any staffed c2c station, from our ticket vending machines or via our website or app.

How to buy a Boundary zone ticket

  1. Select ‘Buy tickets’
  2. Enter Boundary into the ‘From’ field and select which zone you need the fare from
  3. Add your destination and proceed to purchase as normal

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