Supplier information

This page provides information for current and potential suppliers to c2c

Notice to economic operators of use by Trenitalia c2c Limited (c2c) of The Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS)

This notice relates to above threshold procurements that are subject to requirements of the Utilities Contract Regulations 2016 (UCRs 2016).

RISQS is a qualification system under the UCRs 2016, which c2c considers meets its requirements as a qualification system for procuring certain goods, works or services under certain Railway Industry Commodity Classification List (RICCL) codes, which may or may not be safety critical RICCL codes. c2c is a registered buyer with RISQS, enabling it to use this as a qualification system.

This notice is therefore a communication to interested economic operators, in order to meet the requirements relating to using another body’s qualification system under the UCRs 2016, that c2c intends to use RISQS as a qualification system for certain above threshold procurements relating to goods, works or services under certain RICCL codes.

As a result, c2c may choose to use RISQS to select participants directly from the qualification system without placing a further ‘Find a Tender’ service call for competition. However, please note that c2c also reserves the right to use other procurement processes from time to time at its discretion, including procuring under an existing public sector framework agreement or carrying out another UCRs 2016 compliant process.

If you are an economic operator that is interested in supplying goods, works or services under RICCL codes to c2c, in order to be eligible for selection as a participant in procurements c2c choose to run using RISQS as a qualification system, you should register on RISQS to become a qualified supplier with audited or verified status under the relevant RICCL codes.

Please note that, although c2c intends to use RISQS for the qualitative selection stage of certain procurements, c2c intends to use a separate procurement system, rather than the RISQS system, to manage the remainder of the procurement process and communicate with suppliers via that system.