When booking my trip today on your website, it asked me whether I wanted to (a) load it on to my smartcard, (b) use an e-ticket or (c) collect from station. Which should I select?

This really depends on whether you would like a digital/smart ticket or a physical paper one. The following information may help make your decision:

  • You will need to already own a c2c Smartcard if you want to download your travel ticket(s) and present them this way.
  • Downloading tickets to a c2c Smartcard means that any Delay Repay entitlement (for that trip) is automatically added back to the card
  • You earn loyalty points when purchasing tickets to Smartcard
  • You must have a mobile device and internet connectivity in order to receive and present your e-ticket/QR code, OR a means or printing the e-ticket out (this will be a PDF sent to you on email) prior to arriving at the station to travel.
  • If presenting your e-ticket on a mobile device then you need to ensure that you have enough battery power for the entirety of your journey.
  • If collecting from the station ticket office or ticket machine, remember to take your collection code, the bank card you used to purchase your tickets and allow enough time in case of queues ahead of your departure.