To benefit from this scheme, do I have to be a student?

Yes, we’re afraid you do. Available for all colleges who are signed up to the scheme (and for full-time* students) the c2c student discount entitles you to reduced train travel on c2c. Making it even easier for you to visit family and friends, or just take a day trip with uni pals, the discount ensures your journey by train is even more doable.

If you’re wondering if your college is signed up to the scheme, simply check the “which colleges are in the Smartcard scheme” on the Student Smartcard page.

If your college isn’t listed on our website and is registered with The Department of Education, simply ask your college to contact our customer relations team, who can be reached on 0345 744 4422 or via email at contact@c2crail.co.uk. We will certainly see what we can do to help ensure cheaper train travel can be easily accessed by you and your mates.

* Full-time students are aged 16+ and have at least 15 tuition-led and or structured learning hours a week, spanning a minimum of 14 weeks on the same course. Students who are under 16 can take advantage of our existing half price Adult Season tickets.

If you attend South Essex College, you can benefit from the scheme if you’re a part-time student or an apprentice between the ages of 16 and 19.