If you’re travelling only around London Zones (1 – 6) and extended Oyster PAYG area, then using an Oyster card, Contactless bank card, or mobile payments, will make it quicker and easier as you won’t need to queue at the ticket office or machines. See our route map to find out where Oyster and Contactless payment options are available.

Use our pink ticket machines to top up your Oyster card and add Travelcards

You can use the pink ticket machines at our London Zones 1 – 6 and extended Oyster PAYG stations to top up your Oyster card, buy daily and season Travelcards, and check balances. There is a ticket machine that accepts cash at each of our stations to make payment as easy as possible.

Oyster ticket stops and assistance

You can also use Oyster ticket stops to manage your Oyster card. If you wish to get a new Oyster card, you will need to use other vendors such as a local newsagent or via TfL.

For any assistance on issues with your Oyster card purchases you will need to contact TfL directly as our staff will not be able to sell you Oyster card tickets at our ticket office windows. They’ll be able to point you towards a pink ticket machine to help you top up instead.

Go Contactless and never top up again

For travel in and around London Zones 1 – 6 you can use a Contactless bank card instead of Oyster – look for the yellow Oyster card reader and don’t forget to touch in and out. You’ll be charged exactly the same fare.

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Travelling from Rainham or Upminster? Try Smartcard

You can get a Travelcard for London Zones 1 – 6 on a c2c Smartcard. Buy tickets online or with the c2c Train Travel app and add them onto your Smartcard to benefit from exclusive travel perks such as Loyalty Points, and automatic repayment for any delays over 2 mins.

Order a free c2c Smartcard or pick one up at your local c2c ticket office today.

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