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Oyster and Contactless

If you travel solely within the London Zones (1 - 6) then Oyster or Contactless travel may be the best option for you. Stations within our London zones are outlines in the pink area on our route map.

Oyster cards

Oyster Cards provide a great value travel option. Cheaper than paper tickets, Oyster gives you the ability to pay as you go and buy weekly and monthly travelcards. By using Oyster you can rest assured that you will be charged the lowest fare for your journey.

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Contactless travel

Rather than carry around an Oyster Card, why not use your Contactless card? Provided by your bank, Contactless cards can now be used to travel around the Oyster area, including on c2c services that are within the Oyster card zones. As well as receiving the same benefits as Oyster such as pay as you go and the cheapest fares, Contactless payment offers benefits such as weekly capping.

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Apple Pay

You can now pay for your travel in London with Apple Pay. Simply touch in and touch out using your Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus or Apple Watch to travel anywhere on London’s public transport system. At present you can use Apple Pay on c2c when travelling within the TfL PAYG region.

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