Oyster and contactless

If you’re travelling solely within the London Zones (1 – 6) then the Oyster or Contactless travel methods may be the best option for your journey. The stations on our route map outlined in the pink areas indicate the London Zones where contactless payment is applicable.

There are multiple payment options available to you when travelling via train around London zoned stations, such as Oyster cards, Contactless cards and Apple Pay. You can read and find out more below.

Types of payments


Oyster Card

An easy and cost effective way to travel, the Oyster card allows you to store credit for PAYG journeys and even allows you to upload Travelcards or Season tickets. There are two ways to get your own Oyster card: you can order one online through the TfL website, or alternatively, get a card from your local station. Some great benefits to the Oyster and online account are viewing any previous or incomplete journeys, uploading season tickets, an auto top-up so you won’t run out of money, apply for refunds and protection against loss or theft.


Contactless Card

Rather than carrying an additional travel card with you, why not just use your Contactless card? This bank provided card can now be used to travel around the Oyster zoned areas, including c2c services that are within those same zones. You will receive the same benefits as an Oyster such as pay as you go and the cheapest fares, however Contactless payment offers more benefits such as weekly capping.


You can now pay for your London travel by simply touching in and out with your Apple device, using an iPhone 6 and up or Apple Watch that runs on iOS8.4 or later. Setting up Apple Pay is quick and easy. You’ll need to make sure your bank supports Apple Pay as well. An important note; your device must be switched on to use Apple Pay, with sufficient battery life to last the entire journey as to not risk being unable to touch out and being liable for a penalty fare.


c2c Smartcard

Our Smartcard is a smart and rewarding way to travel.

Why travel with a Smartcard?

You’ll get more benefits for travelling with a c2c Smartcard, including Automatic Delay Repay and loyalty points. You’ll also spare yourself the station’s ticket queues, since you’ve planned ahead and bought online.

Get started with a Smartcard

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