How do I access onboard WiFi?

  1. Once you have boarded the train, open WiFi settings on your device
  2. Ensuring your device has WiFi switched on, ‘c2c Free Train WiFi’ will appear on your available network list
  3. Click on ‘c2c Free Train WiFi’ to connect to it
  4. You will be automatically directed to a quick registration page within your web browser; if this doesn’t happen, load your web browser and go to any website – you will be redirected to our sign-up page
  5. If you aren’t already registered, register your details – it shouldn’t take more than a minute
  6. Once you’ve registered and hit continue, you will be connected and can start using WiFi. Please note that a 100MB fair usage policy applies, after which your connection will be slowed down.

Got an issue with our WiFi? Please use the form below to tell us about it