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On board FAQs

Can I take my bike with me on-board your trains?

Cycle carriage information

Yes, bicycles are carried free of charge on c2c services when accompanied by a valid ticket holder, however all spaces are subject to availability.

Please check the Taking your Cycle page on our website for information about time restrictions and which of our services are unable to carry any cycles.

Reservations are not required on c2c trains but may be required on some other operators.

If you are travelling with another train operator please view their own policy by visiting National Rail's website

 (this site is the responsibility of ATOC Ltd).

Can I take my pet with me on your services?

You may take up to two dogs or other small domestic animals free of charge with you into the passenger accommodation of a train provided that they can be accommodated on the train service on which you are travelling. Animals. with the exception of blind or deaf persons’ assistance dogs, may not be taken into buffet or restaurant cars. Animals are not generally allowed in sleeper accommodation; however dogs may be conveyed in sleeper cabins with the permission of c2c. You should apply for such permission at least 48 hours before you travel.

Can I carry tandem's, tricycles, cycle trailers or double deck cycles on your trains?

Unfortunately we cannot carry tandems, tricycles, bicycle trailers, double deck cycles on any of our services. We simply don’t have room – sorry.

Can I get help lifting my luggage on and off the train?

c2c does not have dedicated luggage assistance staff. Where possible our on board and station teams will endeavour to assist when boarding or alighting.

Is it necessary to label my luggage?

All luggage must be labelled under the National Rail Conditions of Carriage. This information can also be used to return any lost property to you.

Do you serve food on board the train?

Food is not served on any c2c services

What is the Quiet Coach?


One in every four carriages on c2c services is a designated Quiet Zone.

Electronic equipment must be used in silent mode and we ask that all mobile telephone conversations are made in the vestibules at the ends of the coach.