What tickets can I get on the c2c Smartcard?

We’ve improved Smartcards so you can now buy most daily ticket options, including those with railcards, when you buy online onto the card.

Ticket types that can be added to a c2c Smartcard are:

  • Daily tickets – including with Railcards – between two c2c stations
  • Daily tickets with Travelcards to London stations outside the c2c route
  • Off-peak returns, including those bought in advance
  • Seasons (Weekly, Monthly, Odd Period and Yearly)
  • Flexi-Season tickets.
  • PlusBus tickets (Benfleet Seasons only)
  • Child Tickets on Child Smartcard

What tickets can’t I get on a Smartcard?

  • Daily single or return tickets that go from a c2c station, and through a London zone station, to one outside the c2c route
  • Weekend Day Travelcards
  • GroupSave
  • Super Off-Peak
  • Senior Rover 


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