Child Smartcards

You can order a Smartcard for Children aged between 5-15 years old, and link it to your own c2c account. You can then use the c2c Train Travel app to add their discounted child tickets straight onto their own Smartcard for greater security and durability.

Key benefits of a Child Smartcard

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    Children get the standard child discount of 50% off the price of adult daily, weekly, monthly or yearly season tickets.

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    Ensure your child is travelling with a valid ticket by loading their tickets onto their own cards.

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    Re-usable plastic lasts a lot longer than paper and can be wiped clean.

  • How to set your child up with a Smartcard

    1. Create an account

    Login or create a c2c online account

    Create my account

    2. Order their card

    Order a Smartcard for your child using their details, including their date of birth.

    Order their Smartcard

    3. Wait for the card

    Their Smartcard will be delivered to your address. It will also be registered to your account as the parent or guardian, so you can buy tickets.

    4. Buy their tickets

    Buy tickets easily using the c2c Train Travel app. Make sure you select to fulfill the ticket to the child’s Smartcard when selecting your delivery options.

    Buy tickets

    Child Smartcard FAQs

    • What do you offer in terms of child fares?
      Children under five travel free of charge. For children aged 5 - 15, there is a 50% discount on fares, including daily tickets and weekly, monthly and annual season tickets. This is ideal for any term-time travel your child is doing. During school holidays and weekends, we offer a Kids for £2 fare (although this cannot be added onto a Smartcard). If you're travelling into London as a family, try our Family Railcard.
    • What should I do if my c2c Smartcard is lost or has been stolen?
      Any monthly (or longer) tickets on your c2c Smartcard are protected against loss or theft, though an admin fee may be payable to replace your c2c Smartcard.
      • If your Smartcard was issued at a ticket office in the station, you must go to the station to report it lost or stolen
      • If you ordered your Smartcard online through our website you can report your card lost or stolen easily and quickly through the Smartcard section in your online account. You'll find it under actions a button where it says report lost/stolen
    • How do I buy tickets onto my Child's Smartcard?
      Once your Child's Smartcard arrives, you will then be able to buy tickets online or using the c2c Train Travel app. Make sure you select to fulfill the ticket to the child's Smartcard. The child's Smartcard will be registered to your account, so should appear in a drop-down list when selecting your delivery options.
    • Can I put Kids for £2 on a Child Smartcard?
      Yes, you can purchase Kids for £2 tickets and load them onto a Smartcard. You can even buy these tickets in the app with your valid adult fare, and load them directly onto your Smartcard from your phone.
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