Where do I need to tap-in and tap-out?

In order to qualify for Automatic Delay Repay – and to determine which train you travelled on – it’s important that we’re able to see when and where you travelled.

The barriers at our stations (and the majority of the other exits) have card-readers installed*. You need to ensure you tap-in at your origin station and tap-out at the destination station (where your ticket is valid to).

If you hold a Travelcard, you can tap at any station in the London Zones to start/complete your journey – and you won’t need to tap at the point you join/leave the c2c route (see FAQ below about interchanging).

If you hold a point to point ticket (for example from Benfleet to West Ham) you will need to tap-in on joining the c2c route and tap-out when leaving it.

*At Benfleet, the disabled access gates on both platforms and at side gate at Dagenham Dock