When am I eligible for Automatic Delay Repay?

There are four mandatory requirements to qualify for Automatic Delay Repay. They are:

1. That you’re a c2c Smartcard holder
2. That you’ve loaded a valid ticket onto your Smartcard
3. That you use the c2c Smartcard to tap-in at the origin station, tapping out again at the destination station
4. That you have an online account on the c2c website, which has the c2c Smartcard linked to it.

You can also download the c2c Train Travel app, which is optional – and you can use it to view allocated trains, choose alternate trains and view compensation values. Please note: this is the only way in which this information can be viewed and amended.

Once you have met all of the mandatory requirements above, we will automatically credit your account with an eVoucher for the amount of compensation assigned to the delay to your journey.