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2018 Fares

From 2 January 2018, c2c will introduce new ticket prices.

As with previous years, the Government sets a national policy for regulated fares, which includes peak day tickets and season tickets. That policy says this year fares should increase by no more than 3.6%, based on the inflation rate, but at c2c our fares are on average changing by only 3.0%.

The money from these fare changes is used to invest in improvements on c2c and other rail lines. You can read more here about our £40m investment on improvements to your journey over the past 18 months, while over the coming year we will also be signing a new contract for extra trains and investing more in our stations.

The amount of money c2c returns to the Government will increase by 15% next year to a record high. This money is used by the Government to fund Network Rail and other rail investment across the country. You can find out more about how your fare money is spent and the Government’s national fare policy here

We've created a guide to the new fare prices for journeys from each station to London:

2018 fares guide

If you use a c2c Smartcard you can benefit from our Automatic Delay Repay scheme or save money on tickets by collecting Loyalty Points to redeem on c2c train tickets.