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Why c2c Smartcard

There are lots of benefits to choosing a Smartcard over a paper ticket. Our favourite is being able to skip the queues at the ticket machines when you buy online and breeze past everyone straight through the gates and onto the train. But you might find your favourite below...

Automatic Delay Repay

Exclusively to c2c Smartcard we automatically repay you anytime your train is delayed by more than two minutes. No forms, no hassle.

Flexible Ticket Options

Whether you want to buy Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Annual Season tickets or even Flexi-Season tickets - you can use your c2c Smartcard to do this online in the comfort of your own home or at the station. Whatever suits.


Loyalty Points

Another bonus to buying online with a c2c Smartcard is that you can collect c2c Smartcard Loyalty points every time you travel. It’s our way of saying thank you for being a loyal c2c customer. Make sure your c2c Smartcard is connected to our Smartcard Loyalty scheme by opting in on your online account.

FREE off-peak tickets for Annual Season ticket holders

Buy your Annual Season ticket online and load onto your Smartcard and you'll get four FREE Off-Peak tickets via email to share with your friends and family. Find out more on our Smartcard Loyalty scheme


Buy online and never queue for a ticket again. Simply touch in at your station of origin and the ticket you bought will be activated. Perfect for those of us who don’t love to queue.


No more angst if you lose your ticket. With a c2c Smartcard any monthly and longer term purchases are protected against loss or theft.


Say goodbye to crumpled, worn out paper tickets. Your c2c Smartcard won’t give up on you at the gate.

Get started with Smartcard today