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Getting started with Smart

It's really easy to order and use a c2c Smartcard, just follow this step-by-step guide below:

1. Order your free Smartcard and Register for a c2c online account

Order your card here

You will need to upload a passport photo and provide us with your email address and other contact details to register your online account. 

2. Receive your Smartcard by post

It will normally take around five working days to receive your new Smartcard.

3. Buy tickets

You can now buy tickets for your Smartcard online (and skip the queues at the stations) or at station self-service machines.

Buy tickets online 

  • Sign in to your c2c online account.
  • Search and buy tickets as normal, but make sure you select ‘only fares that can be loaded onto an ITSO Smartcard’ in the search options.
  • When you reach the Delivery Details page select the option to ‘load ticket onto c2c Smartcard’. 

Please leave at least two hours between buying tickets online and travelling.

If you are buying season tickets, use the last 8 digits of your c2c Smartcard when asked for your photocard number.

Buy tickets

Buy at self-service machine

Hold your c2c Smartcard on the reader at the self-service machine, select and purchase the ticket that you want. After you’ve purchased the ticket hold your c2c Smartcard on the reader again to load the ticket onto the card. Instructions are displayed on the machine to guide you

6. Tap in

When you want to travel simply tap in at your start station by holding your Smartcard on the gateline reader (or free-standing reader if the station has no ticket gates). If you bought a ticket online the ticket will automatically be loaded onto your Smartcard when you tap in at the gates.

7. Tap out

At the end of your journey make sure you tap-out by holding your Smartcard on the gateline reader (or free-standing reader if the station has no ticket gates).

Switch from paper season tickets to Smart

If you already have a season ticket valid for longer than a month, or an Annual Season paper ticket or Travelcard, you can make the switch to a c2c Smartcard now, you don’t have to wait to renew. 

How to switch from paper to Smart


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