Improving performance on your railway

18 September 2018

We have a joint performance plan with Network Rail, which includes a number of initiatives designed to improve your journey, increase the number of trains that run on time and keep delays to a minimum.

Fewer signal failures:  Network Rail is in the process of replacing ageing signalling cabling that will reduce signal failures.  A new predictive model is helping engineers replace overhead line components to prevent failures before they happen, reducing delays to services.

Track improvements: Temporary speed restrictions causing delays at Barking and Tilbury have been removed after engineers improved the track condition, with full line speed restored.

Engineers are carrying out regular monitoring of the alignment of the track with specialised equipment and patrols. This provides an early warning system to help us to identify and tackle any track problems caused by seasonal shrinkage of the clay embankments that have caused delays in the past.

Improving power to the railway: Network Rail has installed a new electrical system that controls the electrical supply to the overhead line.  This new modern system is more reliable and provides engineers with information ahead of any failure of the power supply to help us fix any problems before it affects train services. NR also working with UK Power Networks to improve the power supply to the railway.

Improved response:  How quickly engineers can get to the site when things go wrong is a critical part of getting passenger services back up and running. Network Rail has put in place an additional response team at Barking to help reduce response times and have increased the number of places where they store spare components to help fix problems on the track.

Intelligent infrastructure: Network Rail is using new technology to predict when its assets might fail and fix them before they do. It also aims to limit the number of times its engineers need to access the tracks. Delivery of Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) has been undertaken through a national programme of work.  It includes things like points heaters to prevent icing or freezing up which can cause delays to trains.

Preventing trespass and disruption to the network: Working closely with the British Transport Police (BTP,) a number of initiatives are seeing success.

  • Police patrols at East Tilbury and Stanford-le-Hope level crossings have resulted in six prosecutions (over summer 2018) reducing the number of vehicles misusing the crossings, which can result in delays to trains.
  • At Grays level crossing we have carried out a number of activities. These include: increased BTP patrols by the route crime team; a media campaign and education with local students to educate people about the dangers of misuse; new warning signs installed at the crossing. There have been five prosecutions for trespass this year with some large fines imposed by the courts.  As a result, offences have dropped dramatically, reducing any potential disruption to the train service.
  • BTP and security patrols at Pitsea and Purfleet have also resulted in prosecutions and reduced incidents.

Fleet improvements:  Alongside our plan to improve the track infrastructure with Network Rail, we are also delivering a plan for improving the performance of our train fleet with Bombardier. Read more about it here: www.c2c-online.co.uk/about-us/latest-news/train-reliability-and-onboard-air-conditioning-update/

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