Can I use a Travelcard with my Smartcard?

You can now add a London zones 1 – 6 Travelcard onto your Smartcard.

If you’re travelling from outside of London and our extended PAYG stations, you can add a London Travelcard to the ticket you’re loading onto your Smartcard for any journeys starting from or going to a c2c station outside the London TfL zones. You’ll be able to tap in or out at the London station of your choice on the Oyster reader with your Smartcard. 

If you’re travelling from within London you can now add a London zones 1-6 Travelcard on your Smartcard. All other Travelcard combinations are currently unavailable but can be purchased onto Oyster at the majority of London c2c stations.

Please see our route map for the TfL travel zones and Oyster validity areas.

Find out how to add a Travelcard to your ticket in the FAQs on our Travelcard page.