Thorpe Bay is a more peaceful beach-side spot than its bustling neighbour Southend, and its clean beaches lined with colourful, beautifully painted beach huts, make it a perfect spot for a scenic picnic. Its also home to Thorpe Bay Golf Club, an 18-hole course that’s premier in the area.

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  • What is to see and do in Thorpe Bay beach?

    For a spot of luxury in your day, visit the gorgeous Roslin Beach hotel for a cocktail (or overnight stay). Not only does it have stunning views from which to enjoy a drink, there’s also a spa inside if you need a bit of pampering on your trip. Also well worth a visit is nearby Shoeburyness with its sandy beach and pretty as a picture nature park.

    If it’s something a little more active you’re after, then Thorpe Bay also has several sporting clubs located in close proximity to the esplanade. These include an 18-hole golf course, bowling club, tennis club and not to mention a yacht club situated on the waterfront.

    It’s also worth remembering that Thorpe Bay is only a pebble’s throw away from Southend-on-Sea should you wish to wander down to where the atmosphere can get a little more lively with its bustling tourist trade.

  • How do I get to Thorpe Bay beach?

    Take the train bound for Shoeburyness from London Fenchurch Street. The journey time from London is approximately 56 minutes, depending on which train you use. There are approximately 4 trains per hour on a weekday, depending on peak or off-peak travel time and train tickets bought online more than three days in advance are £12.70 for an off-peak return ticket.

    Whether you’re travelling in a group or have the kids with you, explore our great value ticket offers to make sure to get the best deal for you.

  • Where can I go to eat in Thorpe bay beach?

    The Thorpe Bay Broadway is home to a variety of great restaurants and only a 2-minute walk from the Thorpe Bay c2c train station. Your options include Eatalia Trattoria if you fancy Mediterranean cuisine, and Indian restaurants Cafe Masala and Masoom. All three provide vegetarian options, with Eatalia Trattoria and Cafe Masala providing vegan options.

  • What is the weather and like on Thorpe Bay beach?

    Prepare for your trip to Thorpe Bay beach by checking the weather here.

  • Where can I find tide times for Thorpe Bay beach?

    We recommend checking tide times for Thorpe Bay beach while you’re planning your journey, so you can plan your visit with this in mind. You can find tide times here.

  • Can I hire the Thorpe Bay beach huts?

    Boasting little stilts and verandas, the Thorpe Esplanade beach huts overlook the beach and are very fashionable these days. You can hire one of the jolly cabins (look for discreet signs on the huts themselves) and spend a day in one of the most scenic spots in Southend.

    You can also book beach huts in advance online so your hut is ready for you when you arrive.

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Wander along the coast towards Shoeburyness to the east, or down to Southend to the West for more coastal activities. Choose to rent a bike or chill out for the day at one of the top notch eateries in the area.

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