Smarter travel with c2c

A c2c Smartcard and the c2c Train Travel app are at their most powerful when used together. Make your life a lot easier, earn loyalty points, save time and get more back from your journeys – simply buy and load tickets to your Smartcard easily in the app, to travel straight away.

Did you know you can get these tickets on a Smartcard?

Railcard Discounts

Buy daily tickets with any railcard discounts in the c2c Train Travel app and load them onto a Smartcard.


Buy your tickets using the c2c Train Travel app and load them onto a Smartcard for easy onward travel in London zones 1-6.

Flexi Season tickets

Ideal for commuting 2/3 days a week. Buy on the c2c Train Travel app and load straight to your Smartcard before you leave the house.

All tickets available on Smartcard

How to load tickets to your Smartcard in the app in three simple steps




Open the c2c Train Travel app on your phone.

Some iOS users will need to select ‘Read Smartcard’ from the in-app menu before step two.




Hold your Smartcard against the top of your phone on iOS, back of your phone on Android, and follow the short instructions.




Select OK if you’re ready to load.

You’ll see a tick showing your ticket has been successfully uploaded.


Top app and Smartcard FAQs

  1. 1. How do I register for a c2c Smartcard online? products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

    It's really easy to order a free c2c Smartcard, and set up an online account. Order your free c2c Smartcard online here and register for a c2c online account at the same time. It then normally takes around two/three working days.
  2. 2. Can I get a Child (Under 16) ticket on a c2c Smartcard? products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

    Yes. Please see our Child Smartcards page for more information.
  3. 3. When can I see my journeys, delays and compensation? products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

    Visit the c2c Train Travel app for details of the train we believed you travelled on, any alternative services which may also have been possible and compensation for any delays. This information will be available to view within 72 hours of your journey. This ensures enough time for the tap data, ticketing and train running information to become available. It will then run through the system, in order to determine if there were any delays and, if so, how much compensation is due. If you travelled using an Oyster or contactless pay as you go card, you can view this information at contactless.tfl.gov.uk once you have registered an account there.
  4. 4. Why won't my ticket load to my Smartcard? products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

    Having trouble loading your ticket? Here are some hints and tips
    • Be sure to use the same Smartcard that you selected when you bought your ticket
    • Make sure the NFC technology is turned on on your phone
    • Wait a few minutes after purchasing before your ticket will be ready to load
    • If you have an iPhone you need to hold your Smartcard against the top of your phone, this is because the NFC reader is near the top of iPhones. Sometimes holding it in other places won't work.
    • If you have an Android you'll need to hold your Smartcard against the back of your phone
    We hope these tips help. Watch these videos on how to load and read your Smartcard here.