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If you're a part time commuter you can save time and money with Flexi-Season, exclusive to c2c Smartcard.

A Flexi-Season gives you similar savings to a season ticket holder - but you only pay for the days that you travel. Flexi-Season also works like a season ticket except that you buy it as a bundle of 10 all-day travel tickets online onto a c2c Smartcard. Each time you use one of your Flexi-Season tickets you travel like it's a season ticket, with unlimited travel that day between the two stations you've selected. 

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Is Flexi-Season for you?

When you buy a Flexi-Season you get a bundle of 10 day-season tickets to use between the two stations you've chosen to travel between. Each day you activate one of your 10 tickets, you'll be able to travel as much as you like between those two stations. Make sure to touch in and out on the Smartcard readers at stations to activate the ticket. You'll have 26 weeks - that’s around 6 months - to use the bundle up in. 

It works when you do

Get a 10 ticket bundle, with unlimited travel each day, to use within 6 months.

Beat the queues

Buy online then simply tap in at the ticket gates, and away you go - bye bye queues. 

Get Smartcard benefits

Benefit from Automatic Delay Repay and collect Loyalty points for money off future travel. 

Money back when you travel off-peak 

If you use your Flexi-Season to travel during the off-peak, you’ll get a 10% credit back into your c2c online account, to use against any future ticket purchases. Travel at weekends and get an even bigger credit of up to 30%* (of the cost of that day's ticket) back into your c2c online account.

How to get your Flexi-Season ticket

Flexi-Season is exclusive to the c2c Smartcard, and you can purchase it online via your c2c account here. Not a c2c Smartcard holder? Find out more about the Smartcard here.

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Flexi-Season FAQs

Flexi-Season FAQs

*Flexi-Season Terms and Conditions

  1. Flexi-Season tickets are only available on the c2c Smartcard.
  2. Flexi-Season tickets are not valid on the services of other train operators or London Underground.
  3. Flexi-Season tickets can only be purchased online from www.c2c-online.co.uk.
  4. Flexi-Season tickets can be bought in increments of 10, with a maximum of 50 tickets to be held on any account at any time.
  5. Each Flexi-Season ticket allows unlimited travel on day of activation between origin and destination stations, provided both stations are within the c2c network.
  6. As with any use of your Smartcard, at the start and end of every journey, you must place your c2c Smartcard on or near the c2c Smartcard reader to activate your Flexi-Season ticket. Your Flexi-Season ticket will be activated when you “tap-in”. If you do not “tap-in” or “tap-out” you may be liable to pay a penalty fare or be subject to prosecution.
  7. If your first journey using a Flexi-Season ticket on a Weekday is during the off-peak period your c2c account will be credited with an eVoucher equivalent to 10% of the cost of that day’s Flexi-Season ticket.
  8. If you use your Flexi-Season ticket on Saturday, Sunday or a Bank Holiday, your online account will be credited with an eVoucher for 32.5% of the cost of that day's Flexi-Season ticket.
  9. Credits to your c2c online account will be made within 10 days of your qualifying journey.
  10. Flexi-Season tickets are valid for 26 weeks from the date of purchase. When you purchase additional Flexi-Season tickets, all existing tickets will have an additional 26 weeks added to their original expiry date.
  11. Unused Flexi-Season tickets that have not expired are refundable. Please contact our Customer Relations team, either by email contact@c2crail.co.uk or by phoning 0345 744 4422 and selecting option 6.
  12. No refunds are available for Flexi-Season tickets which have expired.
  13. Flexi-Season tickets are non-transferable. Only the registered cardholder can use the c2c Smartcard with the Flexi-Season tickets loaded on that Smartcard.

These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with the National Rail Conditions of Carriage and the c2c Smartcard Terms and Conditions.