10 November 2023

[10 November 2023] As part of the Government’s Station Improvement and Customer & Communities Investment Fund (CCIF) – a scheme designed to improve the customer experience at stations across the rail network – rail operator c2c is urging its customers and stakeholders to submit ideas and proposals for future station initiatives and enhancements.

c2c is fully committed to providing a safe, punctual and accessible railway for all, and the funding available through CCIF provides a great opportunity for customers’ suggestions for change and improvement to be implemented across the network.

Amandeep Sogi, c2c’s Customer Experience & Policy Manager, said: “Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we want them to tell us about the changes and initiatives they would like to see introduced at our stations in order to further improve the c2c experience for all.”

The train operator is keen to hear ideas focused on improvements to stations, waiting rooms, concourses and platforms, with the ambition of making them more enjoyable and pleasant places to be, and helping to ensure customers enjoy more comfortable trips on the c2c network in the future.

Amandeep added: “Thanks to the feedback received from customers in previous years, this fund has already supported many station projects and developments, including the installation of improved CCTV cameras across the network, water fountains added to concourses and refurbished waiting areas. We’re looking forward to hearing what our customers want to see introduced in 2024 and beyond.”

  • Customers and stakeholders are asked to submit their ideas for consideration by no later than 31 December at c2c-online.co.uk/about-c2c/community
  • The most viable suggestions and ideas, which will bring the most benefit to our customers and communities, will be submitted for review by the Department for Transport (DfT)
  • Once a shortlist of schemes has been approved by the DfT, these projects will be implemented over a two-year period from April 2024.

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