Customer Information Pledges

07 December 2021

Please note that this information refers to a commitment made in 2022 and may not accurately represent current information as of the time of reading. This document is a press release confirming the launching of the pledge system.

Here at c2c, we want to provide you with the best information possible so you can plan your journey.

In 2022, train operators across the rail industry will be working together to improve the way we provide information, and to make clear the standards that you can expect from us. In particular, we will focus on how we communicate with you during disruption.

To help achieve this, the rail industry has produced a combined set of Customer Information Pledges. These set out guidance and good practice for delivering timely, correct and consistent information, so that you can make well-informed travel decisions. You can read the full pledges document here.

We have also produced our own local plan for providing information during disruption. We publish this to provide you with transparency and insight into how we address problems with our service, and provide you with essential information when there is disruption.

During 2022, we will begin to use this area of our website to share our plans for the delivery of these Customer Information Pledges to you on the c2c network.

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