Personalised, real-time messaging service for c2c passengers

07 March 2022

c2c passengers can now access customised travel information for each door-to-door journey through the new c2c Rail Updates service. The service provides passengers with personalised journey updates, including details of real-time disruption, alternative travel routes and busyness alerts, delivered via the popular Messenger and WhatsApp channels. Passengers can access the service by using the ‘Check your journey’ section of the c2c website. www.c2c-online.co.uk/ 

The service is powered by complex data prediction technology developed by Zipabout who have pioneered the use of personalised information services for public transport users across the UK. It will offer c2c unrivalled insight into passenger demand across its services, enabling smarter network planning. 

Passengers travelling across the c2c network will be able to access the following information on both WhatsApp and Messenger:

  • Real-time messaging: disruption alerts, alternative routes, platform changes, and delay repay messaging.
  • Journey planning and routing around disruption and predicted issues in real-time.
  • Journey watch: the option to select regular journeys and sign up for ‘push only’ updates, meaning they’ll be informed if anything might affect their journey.

Customers using the service on Messenger will also be able to access extra information, including:

  • Busyness alerts, based on unique forecast demand data proven to be scientifically accurate by the University of Birmingham.
  • Last mile support: welcome message before arriving at their destination offering onward journey support via all transport modes (bus, e-scooters, taxi, walking, and cycling) available.
  • Customer service support: quick access to c2c’s customer service team and station facilities information.

c2c Rail Updates will complement other smart technology on offer to c2c customers, such as the c2c Smartcard. The c2c Smartcard allows customers to load certain tickets onto the card, and when used in conjunction with the app, means customers no longer have to queue to purchase tickets.

Clare McCaffrey, Commercial Director at c2c, said: “We know from listening to our customers that digital channels are crucial for ensuring our customers have access to the latest travel and journey planning information and customer support. I am confident that our customers will benefit from this technology and will help make journey planning even easier.”

Alex Froom, Chief Executive of Zipabout, said: “It’s vital for rail passengers to receive up-to-date real-time information tailored to their individual journey so they can travel with confidence. The new c2c Rail Updates service offers passengers exactly that through channels like WhatsApp that they trust for a seamless customer experience.”

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