Calling all paper Annual Season ticket holders!

Do you buy a paper Annual Season ticket from a c2c station? If you have purchased a paper annual season ticket with us since 30 March 2016 (and haven’t transfered it onto a c2c Smartcard) we think you may have missed out on your exclusive four free Off-Peak tickets.

We’d like to make sure you have the free Off-Peak tickets you’re entitled to, plus an additional bonus ticket if you let us know if you missed out via the form below.

How you use your free tickets is up to you! Share them with friends and family for day trips in London or South Essex, or use them yourself to get out and about – the choice is yours.

How do I get my free tickets?

Complete the below form and we’ll email you within 30 days to get you started. You’ll be able to redeem your tickets within a year through our online booking system. But don’t worry, we’ll be sending you through all the details.

Claim your free tickets

  • Please list in the box above the year or years between 30 March 2016 and 30 August 2019 that you bought an annual paper season ticket at the station.

Terms and conditions

  • Purchase must have been made from a c2c Station after 30 March 2016
  • Paper Season was held and not transferred onto a c2c Smartcard
  • Tickets can only be redeemed against a c2c point to point and Off Peak only
  • Customers must apply before 24 December 2019
  • Your pincode to redeem your free tickets is valid for use for 12 months from issue
  • FREE tickets only available to redeem online
  • FREE tickets are only valid on off-peak c2c services
  • No further rail discounts are allowed
  • FREE tickets are non-refundable and you are not allowed to sell this ticket on
  • This ticket is subject to the National Conditions of Travel
  • c2c reserves the right to withdraw, remove or suspend this offer at any point without notice
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