c2c provides extra information to help commuters find the quietest trains

17 June 2021

c2c is helping commuters to find the quietest trains by providing more information online.

For the first time, our new bespoke online tool sets out how busy every rush hour train gets in both the morning and evening peak. Customers are able to check their preferred departure station and time of travel, to get a simple traffic-light guide on which services are:

  • Green – lots of seats available. This currently covers the majority of c2c services in the morning and evening peak
  • Yellow – some seats available
  • Amber – limited seats available
  • Red – this is a busy train
  • Black – please avoid this train

The descriptions are based on the busiest point during the station’s journey, which is normally as it approaches West Ham in the morning peak, and on departure from West Ham in the evenings.

 c2c Delivery Director Laura McEwen said: “We now have more people commuting than at any other point since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. With more people returning to the office for the first time, our online tool shows them which trains are the most popular and which services are quiet, so they have this information before they travel.

 “There is a lot of spare capacity on most c2c services during the rush hour, but a few trains are particularly busy. By checking ahead and being flexible, people can enjoy a much more comfortable journey simply by adjusting their journey time by as little as five minutes.”

 c2c’s online tool is available at: https://www.c2c-online.co.uk/our-network/how-busy-is-my-train/.

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