An apology to customers – ticketing issues on Wednesday 20 September

21 September 2023

We are very sorry for the issues our customers experienced yesterday morning with our ticketing system.

This was due to a network-wide issue, which meant some customers were unable to purchase tickets online or via our ticket vending machines or ticket offices. Once the issue had been identified, our teams worked hard to fix the fault and the system was back up and running by 08:30am.

c2c Managing Director Rob Mullen, said: “We are really sorry to all of our customers who were disrupted yesterday. We know it was really frustrating for people.

“Unfortunately, a network-wide technical issue impacted ticket purchases both online and at our stations, meaning we were unable to sell tickets for a short period. We are investigating the issue as a priority and encourage any customers delayed to claim compensation for the inconvenience.”

Compensation for delays

If you were delayed you will be eligible for compensation for your journey. Find out more about the compensation we offer, and how to claim, here.

  • c2c smartcard users: You will receive automatic compensation providing you tapped your Smartcard at both the start and end of your journey. If you were not able to do so, you will have to make a manual claim for your delay. This is because our system will not have full information about your journey, so cannot calculate your automatic compensation. We recommend you check your online account to ensure our automatic payments do reflect your actual delay. If you feel they do not, you can use your online account to correct the automatic system or alternatively submit a manual claim.

Paper ticket holders, Oyster and contactless card users: Please fill out your details on this online delay repay form.

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