28 June 2024

We are very sorry for the disruption our customers experienced last night on the c2c route.   

What happened? 

Yesterday, at approximately 17:30 a loss of power to the overhead lines was reported between Barking and West Ham.

Network Rail dispatched a team of engineers to the area who discovered damage to the cables that feed the overhead lines.

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Because of the overhead lines damage, no services could run on the London-bound track between Barking and West Ham until the overhead lines were repaired by Network Rail. This severely restricted the number of trains we could operate. 

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We managed to run a limited number of services through the affected area but these were suspended at 21:45. 

Repairs were carried out by our Network Rail colleagues overnight, however the damage to the overhead lines caused some knock-on delays and cancellations to our service early this morning. 

Upon confirmation of the overhead line damage, arrangements were made for c2c tickets to be accepted on Greater Anglia and London Underground services. We also provided a bus replacement service to help provide alternative options for travel. 

Rob Mullen, Managing Director of c2c said, “I am really sorry to all of our customers who were caught up in yesterday’s disruption on the c2c route. 

“I know this will have caused extensive delays to your journey especially as the disruption hit our peak services on Thursday evening. We worked closely with our Network Rail colleagues overnight to repair the fault and thanks to their hard work our peak morning services recovered quickly.” 

Compensation for delays  

If you have been delayed you will be eligible for compensation for your journey. Find out more about the compensation we offer, and how to claim, here 

  • c2c smartcard users: You will receive automatic compensation provided you tapped your Smartcard at both the start and end of your journey. If you have not been able to do so, you will have to make a manual claim for your delay. This is because our system will not have full information about your journey, so cannot calculate your automatic compensation. We recommend you check your online account to ensure our automatic payments do reflect your actual delay. If you feel they do not, you can use your online account to correct the automatic system or alternatively submit a manual claim 

Paper ticket holders, Oyster and contactless card users: Please fill out your details on this online delay repay form. 

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