We’ve adpoted the Sparksafe Electrical license to practice

01 May 2018

We’ve become the first company in England to adopt the Sparksafe Electrical Licence to Practice management system. The unique system, which is used extensively in Northern Ireland, offers an end to end, quality improvement resource which provides visibility, transparency and individual accountability of those who are carrying out work on our estate.

A UK first, we’ve adopted this innovative model as part of our commitment to continuous improvement in our operation, and all electrical contractors working for us will now be required to sign up to Sparksafe. SparkSafe authenticates the identity and occupational qualifications of each electrical worker installing electrical services on behalf of c2c.

Our Asset Manager Paul Meenan said: “To run a high-quality, ultra-reliable train service for our customers we are dependent on excellence behind the scenes in our engineering and asset management department. As an award-winning train operator, we are committed to ensuring our standards reflect best practice. The SparkSafe system provides an effective end to end means to verify and monitor the competency of electrical workers in the c2c sub-contract supply chain. We’re proud to be the first international train operator in England to adopt the Sparksafe model, and we believe this will deliver the best possible standards for our customers.”

Bob Stephen, Managing Director of Hollywell Building Services, said: “We are delighted to be appointed as the preferred electrical contractor for c2c. Operating under the SparkSafe Licence to Practice requirements will help our client to assess and monitor the high standard and competency of our delivery team.” Speaking on behalf of SparkSafe, CEO Derek Thompson said, “c2c are clearly on a pathway of continuous quality improvement. The company has helped raise the bar for the rail industry by specifying the electrical licence to practice requirement.”

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