Ticket pricing incident 10 February

07 February 2022

Due to a systems problem, some fares had been displayed in the c2c ticketing system incorrectly.

We are pleased to say the issue has now been fixed, and ticket prices are being displayed correctly, however we would like to apologise for any issues this has caused and would like to refund you, if you have been affected.

If you purchased a c2c ticket between Saturday 5 February and Wednesday 9 February, which unexpectedly increased in price, you should contact the customer relations team who can investigate and arrange a refund. Generally, Oyster and Contactless (Pay as You Go) fares in addition to Travelcards purchased within the London Travelcard zone are not affected.

Please email contact@c2crail.co.uk by Wednesday 9 March with a copy of your ticket (or proof of purchase). If you can also include a brief description of how your ticket was incorrectly priced and the date when you purchased it, the information will help the team resolve your issue quickly.

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