07 February 2024

Trenitalia c2c has announced that seven participants from its recent work experience programme, delivered in partnership with The Prince’s Trust, have been appointed to full and part-time roles with the company.

The programme, ‘Get into Customer Service’, developed by The Prince’s Trust and delivered by c2c, has been designed to give young people (aged 18-30), who are struggling to find work, the opportunity to learn and develop employability skills required to help them secure a job and establish a career in the rail industry.

One of the course attendees, John-Paul Uzowuru, started in his new role as interim Data Analyst with c2c back in January, and the six other colleagues took up their posts in train dispatch and on gatelines, at c2c’s London stations, earlier this week.

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c2c’s Resourcing Manager, Michelle Burningham, pictured above centre with the new recruits, who delivered the employability programme, said: “c2c truly believes that everyone, regardless of educational background or employment history, should have the opportunity to embark on a rewarding career in the railway, and I am delighted to be welcoming seven new recruits to the business.

“Working with The Prince’s Trust has allowed us to offer this group of young people, some of whom come from disadvantaged communities, the chance to learn and develop practical, everyday workplace skills – relationship building, staff engagement, timekeeping, personal conduct – building the confidence and motivation required to enter employment within the rail industry.

“I would like to thank everyone involved in this most recent programme, and I wish our newest team members every success in their roles and a long and happy career with c2c,” she added.

The 18-30-year-olds selected for the Get into Customer Service programme joined for three week-long training courses which were held at c2c’s head office in London, on the route and at its training centre in Southend during November and December 2023.

Commenting, Lauren Bouch, Youth Development Lead for The Prince’s Trust programme, said: “We’re thankful to c2c for their support in our mission to help young people into employment. It’s exciting to see that our young people have secured roles with c2c following their completion of the Get into Customer Service programme and we wish them all the best in their careers!”

A former graduate of The Prince’s Trust programme, and familiar face on the c2c network, is Liam Johnson. Liam joined the company in 2016 having graduated through the scheme and has since worked in various roles at locations across the route. Liam is currently a train dispatcher based at Fenchurch Street.

Liam said: “Being part of The Prince’s Trust programme was a life-changing moment for me and helped me to focus on my career and what it was I wanted to achieve. It gave me confidence and improved my personal skills, giving me the motivation and determination needed to have a successful career.”

You can watch our video detailing c2c’s involvement in the Prince’s Trust below.

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