c2c passengers can now buy the cheapest weekend tickets on a Smartcard for first time

09 December 2021

Customers can now buy the cheapest weekend tickets on a c2c Smartcard for the first time – saving time and effort when it comes to buying a train ticket.

Super Off Peak tickets, including travelcards, can now be purchased and added to the c2c Smartcard. Until now these discounted tickets, which are only valid on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays, have only been available as paper tickets.

This means weekend passengers can avoid ticket office queues by buying online and downloading their ticket from home, using the c2c Travel app. Alternatively they can choose to collect at the station and simply tap on the ticket gates as they pass through, or collect from any c2c ticket machine.

c2c Commercial Director Clare McCaffrey said: “In the past year we’ve seen how keen people still are to travel by rail at weekends, with weekend demand nearly back to pre-pandemic levels. We’re delighted to offer these weekend discount tickets on a Smartcard for the first time, so now more people than ever can beat the queues and enjoy the benefits of using a c2c Smartcard.”

As well as saving time when they buy their tickets, passengers who use a Smartcard also get automatically credited with compensation if their train is delayed, when they tap their card at the start and end of their journey.

c2c Smartcards are free to anyone, and can be ordered online in advance or obtained at the station. More information is available at: https://www.c2c-online.co.uk/tickets-and-fares/c2c-smartcard/.

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