c2c fares in 2020

29 November 2019

From 2 January 2020, rail ticket prices change across the country.

This year c2c’s fares are changing by 2.55% on average. This is lower than July’s rate of inflation, which the Government uses to set regulated fares including all commuter fares.

The extra money raised from fares is reinvested into running the railways. This funds improvements, such as c2c’s new trains which are currently being built and will be in operation from 2021. It also helps to maintain c2c’s status as London’s most punctual commuter service.

c2c now pays over a million pounds more every week back to the Government compared with five years ago. This helps fund Network Rail and other rail improvements. This investment is vital to support economic growth, both locally and across the country.

You can find more information about where the money from your ticket goes here.

We’ve also created a guide to the new fare prices for journeys from each station to central London here.

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