An apology for disruption Tuesday 10 October

10 October 2023

We would like to apologise to customers caught up in disruption on the c2c network this morning. 

What happened? 

At approximately 8.30am this morning, c2c suffered a severe power outage in the Upminster area, which meant all signalling was lost between there and Upney. Our control centre, which is also based at Upminster, also lost power and was unable to communicate to our frontline teams in the immediate aftermath of the power outage. 

Network Rail dispatched a team of engineers to the area and the power was restored at approximately 9am. Unfortunately, this severely restricted the number of trains we could operate. 

We are working hard to restore a full service. Updates will be provided on our social media channels. 

Compensation for delays 

If you were delayed you will be eligible for compensation for your journey. Find out more about the compensation we offer, and how to claim, here. 

  • c2c smartcard users: You will receive automatic compensation provided you tapped your Smartcard at both the start and end of your journey. If you were not able to do so, you will have to make a manual claim for your delay. This is because our system will not have full information about your journey, so cannot calculate your automatic compensation. We recommend you check your online account to ensure our automatic payments do reflect your actual delay. If you feel they do not, you can use your online account to correct the automatic system or alternatively submit a manual claim. 

Paper ticket holders, Oyster and contactless card users: Please fill out your details on this online delay repay form. 

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