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The City of London have put together this spooky self-guided walk around the City of London limits. From Fenchurch Street to Fleet Street, discover the haunted history of the square mile. Find the walking locations on our main map illustrated with the ghosts reading a map.

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Petrifying pubs

Look for the ghost with a pint of beer to locate these terrifying taverns.

The Viaduct Tavern, Newgate Street

Built in 1869, the pubs cellar still contains some cells from Newgate prison. Fred is the friendly ghost haunting this bar and warning signs around the pub let you know what you can expect.

Rising Sun, Cloth Fair

Due to its proximity to St Bart’s hospital, it became the local haunt of a group of body snatchers in the 19th Century. Phantom footsteps can now be heard in locked rooms when the bar staff are closing for the night.

The Ten Bells, Spitalfields

Although associated with Jack the Ripper the pub has a haunted past of its own with tales of murder in the top rooms of the pub, the room is deemed so scary that investigators refuse to enter it.

The Prospect of Whitby, Wapping

A long murky history this pub was once dubbed the Devil’s Tavern, the ghosts of Mary Frith and Judge John Jeffreys can still be seen having a drink in the building.

Spooky sites

We’ve also put together a group of spooky sites you can visit, all are within a 30-minute walk of Fenchurch Street station.

Cock Lane

In the 1700’s after hearing scratchings and banging’s in the property a séance was held to contact the spirit. The spirit communicated to the group that the partner of William Kent, the buildings current tenant, had murdered her. The haunting of Cock Lane became so famous that is has been referenced in several of Charles Dicken’s books and two of William Hogarth’s prints.

Smithfield’s Market

An important site for trading for a millennium, Smithfield’s market grew in popularity around the 14th Century with the current building being built in 1860. During the 17th century there were reports of an ethereal being dancing on top of butchers produce every Saturday night between 21:00 and 22:00. Butchers attempted to grab the ghost, name Mallet, but they felt nothing but air.

St Botolph’s of Bishopsgate

Recorded church on this site from 1212 with the current St Botolph’s of Bishopsgate consecrated in 1728. In 1982 a photo taken in the empty church revealed a ghostly figure when processed, examination of the negative showed no tampering.

The Clink Prison

A prison from the 12th Century to 1780 and now a museum. It is reported that not everyone left the Clink Prison with prisoners, guards and a woman fumbling with chains seen and heard after hours. With valid train tickets you can get 2FOR1 entry to the prison, restrictions apply.

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The London Tombs

A plague pit was discovered in the area in 2007 whilst the site was under construction, builders were so scared they refused to work. Now open as a scare attraction staff often see Emily wandering the corridors after hours as well as a few other shadowy figures. With valid train tickets you can get 2FOR1 entry to the London Bridge Experience and London Tombs, restrictions apply.

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Tower of London

Close to Fenchurch Street station you can find the Tower of London, originally built by William the Conqueror and expanded throughout the ages by various Kings. Several ghostly occurrences have been noted throughout history, but the most frightening inhabitant is that of Old Martin, a terrifying ghost bear and the only remaining resident of the Royal menagerie that was once housed in the tower. With valid train tickets you can get 2FOR1 entry to the Tower of London, restrictions apply.

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Wapping Old Steps

The steps to the Thames next to The Town of Ramsgate pub in Wapping are visited by the ghost of Judge George Jeffreys. Captured trying to flee the country whilst dressed as a sailor, George died in the Tower of London in 1689.

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