Make your own train at home

Looking to ‘enter-train’ the kids while they’re stuck at home? Here’s a crafty project that will keep them busy for at least 45 minutes, maybe more if they want to do an elaborate colouring project. Perfect for budding train enthusiasts and designers alike. All you need is a printer, scissors, some glue or tape and some colouring pens. When you’re done, share your finished designs with us @c2c_rail on Twitter , Facebook or tagging us on Instagram – we’d love to see them!

Download make your own train template

Here are some step by step instructions to help:

  • Colour your train in. All the grey tabs will be used to stick the different parts of the train together and won’t show in the completed model, so you don’t need to colour them in (but you can if you want!)
  • If you want to make it studier, stick the template to a piece of cardboard, but paper is fine too
  • Cut out all the pieces
  • Fold all the tabs down, and fold along all the lines of the design
  • Stick the tab labelled “C” to the edge of the piece above labelled “C”
  • Then stick the two tabs labelled “A” and “B” (at the top of the train sides) to the corresponding two sides of the piece labelled “A” and “B”
  • From here, make the 3D train, sticking down the grey tabs to create the model in the top right corner of the first sheet
  • The piece at the bottom of the second sheet is the train’s funnel, and goes on top of the front of the train, above the “c2c”

Or watch our video tutorial:

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