Well, it's a huge, and a very rewarding challenge.

If you want a career (not a job) that will test you, but at the same time give you the freedom to develop yourself then joining the railway, and especially c2c, would be your best bet. 

 c2c is an impressive compact train company, that is one of the best performing in the country. You will have the opportunity to work in different departments – retail, operations and with the senior team, including our Managing Director – thereby gaining knowledge and experience within our industry. Your knowledge and experience will grow daily and there are always people who are willing to guide you.

My story? My career began with c2c as a graduate and I was instantly shown a lot of trust and given responsibility in order to help assist on the exciting Olympics project. From there it was project management and station management; in between I have also been involved in “shop floor” work – train cleaning, depot work and additionally cab rides which has enabled me to learn about the task of train driving itself. In my current role, as Duty Station Manager, I have been on call during storms and am also an Events co-ordinator. 

Every job has it challenges for example - LDM, STN, GRYS - One of the biggest challenges you will face is the jargon of acronyms of the railway. However, as a graduate you are given the support, cross business working experience and mentors who will help you through all of it, so do not worry!!

When you begin your career at c2c you'll soon come to realise it's not a job we offer, it’s the chance to have an amazing fruitful career, Oh and did I also mention the free travel on the route?


Maria Kemp

Deputy Station Manager, c2c Rail