JourneyCheck terms and conditions

JourneyCheck Alerts via SMS and email

Welcome to the c2c JourneyCheck Alerts service.

This service offers the ability to register for the automatic provision of train service disruption information via SMS and email. The information supplied comes directly from staff in the c2c Service Delivery Centre in Upminster.

This service is being provided to you through c2c and was developed by Nexus Alpha Limited. This service is subject to the following terms and conditions. You are legally bound by them even if you choose not to read them:

Warranties, Indemnities and Limitation of Liability

Although c2c will take considerable effort to ensure that the service we provide to you is of good quality, there may be difficulties that can affect the service. Neither c2c or Nexus Alpha Limited provide any warranty or accept any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage from: defects that may exist to the service and the website, omissions or errors, reliance on the service resulting from delays, service interruptions, inaccurate alerts, the customer’s inability or failure to use the service, or suspension or withdrawal of any part of the service. c2c accepts no liability or responsibility for technical inaccuracies, technical difficulties, loss of data, service settings, mis-delivery or storage failure of data, human error or other interruptions to the service. Liability is hereby disclaimed to the fullest extent permitted by law.

The very nature of train service disruption information means that it can take time for network and service problems to be reported back to the Service Delivery Centre, who then enter the information into the JourneyCheck Alerts system. Also, the nature of service disruption means that on occasion it can change quite rapidly. Disruption information is by nature an imprecise process, as the future is predicted from the present position:

  • Incidents can take longer to resolve than initially expected
  • delays can become more severe
  • cancelled services may be reinstated

The JourneyCheck Alerts service provides an “as is” snapshot of the reported state of the network in the context of the journey you have defined and at the time you have registered to be alerted.

c2c and Nexus Alpha Limited reserve the right to terminate your subscription to this service at their discretion. The service is provided for the personal use of passengers and potential passengers of the transport system to enquire about journeys, and for no other purpose.

The customer warrants that they are the legitimate owner of a registered mobile number or email address.

The customer shall indemnify c2c and Nexus Alpha Limited (including its affiliates, staff, officers and agents) against any claim by a third party alleging loss and/or damage as a result of the customer’s misuse, or inability to use the service.

Use of Service

  • There is a maximum number of journeys that can be registered.
  • A mobile phone number or email address can only be registered once.
  • Travel alerts are received by email or SMS text onlyNote that SMS messages are typically restricted to 160 characters, and therefore will be in abbreviated format and may not list all the problems.
  • The SMS service abbreviates station names to the three letter codes used on www.nationalrail.co.uk. A full table of reference on the introduction to this service is on the c2c web site, and also on the Nexus Alpha web site.
  • This Service is created solely for access from the UK mainland.
  • In order to receive the service, the customer must go through the process of registration and answer all questions marked by an asterisk.
  • Once the customer has registered for the service, they will continue to receive alerts until they unsubscribe, or the service is terminated according to these terms and conditions.

The JourneyCheck Alert service uses a defined set of rules to determine what message to send when there are a number of different incidents likely to affect your journey:

  • Priority is given to cancellations over train delays.
  • Cancellations to later trains will take priority for alert over earlier delayed services.
  • Where more general problems are reported on a particular route, the message will state that cancellations or delays “may” occur as appropriate.

Cost of Service

This service is being provided by c2c with no intended cost to the end user. The standard cost of sending a text message within the United Kingdom is met by c2c. However, it is possible that your mobile operator may charge you to receive SMS messages. This is very often the case for receiving text messages when you are abroad. We would encourage you to suspend your alerts when you are on holiday. Similarly the subscriber should be aware that whilst the “desktop” delivery of emails is generally free, the delivery of emails to mobile devices can incur charges from your mobile service operator.

Not withstanding, c2c reserve the right to review the pricing policy in the future. Notice will be given in advance to all subscribers should any changes in pricing policy take place, and no charges would be raised without a re-subscription process.

Personal Privacy and Data Protection

We regularly send out details of our special offers and promotions. c2c respect your privacy and will not pass your details to any third party without the customer’s prior consent

For details of our Privacy Policy and how we collect and use personal information please see our website (www.c2c-online.co.uk) or write to Customer Relations, Freepost ADM3968, Southend, SS1 1ZS.

Customer Responsibilities

The customer shall, if choosing to receive alerts via SMS or email respectively, be responsible for providing and maintaining a working mobile phone or a valid and working email address.

The customer agrees to provide true, accurate and complete information about themselves, as requested on the registration page. The customer agrees not to misrepresent their identity or other information. Accurate details, such as phone numbers, email address, postcodes and journey information enables c2c to provide the correct services to our customers.

The customer will not be able to use the service unless they validate their email or SMS numbers by responding to a message sent to each address. This protects the customer from any other user inadvertently (or with intent) entering customer contact details and causing the system to send unwanted alerts.

The customer is responsible for guarding their password and login details. You will be asked to enter a password when logging into your account. The customer is responsible for all account activities that occur from using the password.
The customer shall use the service for personal use, and shall not resell or seek to profit from the information provided by JourneyCheck.

Customers may at no time use another subscriber’s password.

Acceptance of Terms

By checking the box alongside ‘I agree to the terms & conditions’, the customer agrees to comply with the Terms listed here. If you do not agree, you will not be entitled to use the service, and registration will not be completed.

Suspension or Termination

c2c reserves the right to immediately and without notice suspend or terminate the provision of this service if it believes that there has been a breach of these terms by the customer.
c2c shall, with reasonable notice, be entitled to discontinue the service to the customer for whatever reason.

The customer may unsubscribe from this service at any time by unregistering via the applicable page on the website.


Any queries relating to this service should be directed to:
custrel@c2crail.co.uk or in writing to:
Customer Relations,
Freepost ADM3968,
SS1 1ZS.
c2c reserves the right to change any terms or conditions in this agreement. All changes will be posted on the website.