Troubleshooting tips for tickets

Throughout 2019 we’ve been rolling out a new ticketing system that makes buying your ticket more convenient than ever before. Given the number of improvements we’ve introduced – plus the occasional bump in the road we’ve had along the way – we thought we’d bring you this guide to some of the common questions we get from online and Smartcard users.

  1. Why am I getting an error 500 appear when using the website? products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

    If you get an Error 500 message, log out if you’re logged in and try again, or close down the browser window and try again. Or refresh your cache and cookies. This should fix it. We’re busy working on this bug.

    This error message might also appear if you use Flexi-Season and are trying to top up if your card has hit zero (o) tickets. If so, see the FAQ below…

  2. Why can't I top-up my Flexi-Season once it's reached 0 (zero) tickets? products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

    Currently you can’t top-up your Flexi-Season once you reach 0 (zero) tickets. We are looking to improve this functionality as soon as possible – sorry about this!

    The good news is you can still purchase your Flexi-Seasons, by buying it as a new ticket rather than a top up. But be careful, as your Smartcard only has limited capacity and if you do this several times it will run out meaning you will need to get a new Smartcard.

    We’ve also improved the Flexi-Season section on our website to make it easier to spot when you are running low on tickets, so you can top up your Flexi-Seasons before you run down to 0 tickets.

  3. How do I top-up my Flexi-Season? products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

    Login to your account and follow these steps:

    1. Go to the ‘Flexi’ section – this displays all your Flexi-Season tickets
    2. Locate the Flexi ticket you wish to top-up
    3. Click ‘Top-up & info’, this will display all the ticket information
    4. Click ‘Top-up’ and follow the steps to complete the top-up purchase process

    If you are having other problems with your Flexi-Season, please visit our information page.

  4. My Smartcard failed at the gateline, why and what do I do? products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

    If you’ve purchased a ticket online using a Smartcard, we recommend waiting two hours before travelling. This will ensure that the ticket has worked its way through the system and is available for you to load at the gateline

    Our new ticket vending machines and ticket office machines allow for instant loading to a Smartcard immediately after purchasing a ticket, so there is no need to wait two hours.

    Make sure that when loading a new ticket to a Smartcard, to hold the Smartcard still against the reader for up to five seconds, until you hear either a positive or negative response.

    If you’re having trouble with your Smartcard at a gateline, try reading it at one of our new ticket vending machines or speaking to a staff member at a ticket office, who now have the ability to read and load tickets to Smartcards.


  5. How do I see how many tickets are remaining on my Flexi-Season? products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

    Login to your account and follow these steps:

    1. Go to the ‘Flexi’ section – this displays all your Flexi-Season tickets
    2. For each Flexi-Season the number of remaining passes is displayed on the first page

    If you are having other problems with your Flexi-Season, please visit our information page.

  6. How do I use Loyalty Points or e-vouchers to pay? products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

    You can use credit (Loyalty Points and e-vouchers) to redeem against ticket purchases online. You can use a mixture of credit and a payment card to pay. To redeem credit, follow these steps:

    1. Plan your journey and select the ticket you wish to purchase as normal
    2. Follow the steps until you reach the pre-payment page, where you select your payment method and add your billing address
    3. If you have credit in your account, the total amount of credit available will be displayed at the top of the page
    4. Tick the box to display all the available credit details, including the value and expiry date for each of the awarded credits
    5. To use one or more credits to pay, tick the boxes – you can use as many credits as you like. As you tick the boxes, the amount remaining to pay will decrease underneath
    6. If you’ve selected enough credit to cover the total amount to pay, you just need to continue to complete your purchase. If not, continue to enter your payment card details to cover the remaining balance
  7. How do I buy a ticket to/from London Terminals on a Smartcard? products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

    You can buy tickets to/from c2c London Terminals (Fenchurch Street and Liverpool street) and other group stations on a Smartcard when buying online.

  8. How do I replace a Smarcard without losing my ticket or account credit? products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

    For any customer account, the credit that has been awarded (Loyalty Points and e-vouchers) is linked to the account, not the Smartcard. So, if you lose your Smartcard or it is stolen, the credit in your account will be unaffected.

    If you have tickets on your Smartcard and you report it lost or stolen, there is a £20 admin fee to transfer those tickets to your replacement card. Once you receive your replacement Smartcard, you need to, ‘confirm receipt of Smartcard’ so we can securely transfer the tickets to that replacement Smartcard.

    Once your replacement Smartcard has arrived at your desired address, login to your account and follow these steps:

    1. Go to the ‘Smartcards’ section in your account
    2. Find the replacement Smartcard in the list – you will be able to identify it using the 18 digit Smartcard number. The replacement Smartcard will appear on the list up to 24 hours after you reported the original one lost or stolen, which should now be cancelled
    3. Once you’ve found the replacement Smartcard, click the menu icon on the right hand side (three horizontal lines), to load the options available for that Smartcard
    4. Click ‘Confirm receipt of Smartcard’
    5. You will then be asked to confirm which station you wish to load the ticket, in order to transfer the ticket onto the replacement Smartcard


  9. Can I switch my paper ticket for a Smartcard? products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

    Yes. We had a few issues but they’re now fixed. You can start the process by visiting any one of our stations.

  10. Why can't I see my refund?  products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

    Please allow 3-5 banking days for your bank to process your refund back to your account. This may appear on your statement around the original transaction date. If you can not see the refund, please speak with your bank who can check when this was added to your account.
  11. Why do I get an error when using 'arrive by' for planning a journey products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

    This function is currently broken, we’re really sorry about that. We’re working to fix it as soon as possible

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