The Sovereign of Southend

Some unlikely news has recently come out from our beloved Southend-on-Sea, that a royal burial site has been discovered containing what is thought to be believed a 6th Century Anglo-Saxon Prince. Not exactly your run of the mill discovery.

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A group of local workmen inadvertently unearthed the grave during some roadworks in Prittlewell, a stone’s throw from the local Aldi supermarket – because even royalty can’t keep themselves from a bargain. The site has since been excavated and researched to find treasures and artefacts from around the world, some believed to have come from as far as Syria and Sri Lanka. Some of the artefacts include gold coins, ornaments, jewellery and even a skillfully crafted gold-plated sword.

Anglo Saxon Bowl
Image copyright of Southend Musuems

Archaeologists have been hard at work trying to paint the best possible picture of who this person was those long 1500 years ago, with nothing but tooth enamel fragments being the only lasting remains. But luckily the tomb has kept very much intact, giving us a strong idea that Prince Saexa was a man of nobility.

Southend Central Museum are now opening a permanent exhibition this Saturday (11th May) in the Prince’s honour, so the public and history buffs alike can visit and learn more about this amazing discovery.

The rested royal is fast becoming known as the UK’s answer to Tutankhamun (an Egyptian King from 3,000 years ago) and it’s understandably creating a lot of buzz not just locally, but internationally. Well, for some that is. For others he might just be another King in a car park.

How to get there?

Take the c2c train to Southend Central, then it’s an easy 10 minute walk up Southend high Street (away from the seafront) to Southend Museum. Remember to take advantage of our great off-peak discounts like Kids for £2, or our online advance discount.